31.05.2019: Summary of the project results

V. N. Burlayenko had a talk summarizing the project POLONEZ 2 achievements at the  Department of Solid Mechanics. Prof. T. Sadowski presented some opportunities for continuation of the scientific collaboration of the host institution with the principal investigator V. N. Burlayenko.

19.05.2019: Visualization of test results on LinkedIn web-page

Some results of experimental studies performed for  Single Cantilever Beam sandwich specimens and processed by M. Knec  using  the ARAMIS system are published on the M. Knec’s LinkedIn web-page.

08.05.2019: Visiting group

A group of Ukrainian scientists from Poltava State Agrarian Academy , Lutsk  National Technical University and Lviv National Agrarian University visited the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Lublin University of Technology within the exchange program.  M. Knec and  V.N. Burlayenko  presented equipment of the Lab and the experimental results related to the POLONEZ 2 project.

12.03.2019: Working visit

A visit of a representative of  Keyence  Comp. (Osaka, Japan –  a producer of high-resolution digital microscope) to the Department of Solid Mechanics and the Lab of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Our team had  an opportunity to present the project objectives and  to make observations of the sandwich specimens tested in our research with the digital microscope with 1000x magnification.

01.10.2018-05.10.2018: Attending the of CISM course in Udine, Italy

V.N. Burlayenko attended the  course titled “Damage and Failure of Materials under Extreme Conditions” at the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM).

05.08.2018-10.09.2018: Visiting professor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. mult. Holm Altenbach from the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany, our partner in POLONEZ 2 project visited the Department of Solid Mechanics within the Foundation for Polish Science program.

18.07.2018: Scientific meeting

  • V.N. Burlayenko presented a talk about the current research activity and first results and planned investigations within the PLONEZ 2 project for the invited professors and the department staff and PhD students;
  • V. Petrova, L. Marsavina and I.V. Ivanov gave invited lectures within the area related to the topic of POLONEZ 2 project;
  • M. Knec presented the Lab and the experimental equipment being prepared for performing future experiments within the appropriate Work package of the project;

16.07.2018 -20.07.2018: Hosting a visit of collaboration partners

We hosted our partners Prof. Liviu Marsavina, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania and Prof. Ivelin V. Ivanov, University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, Ruse, Bulgari  and invited Professor  Prof. Vera Petrova, University of Stuttgart, Institute for Materials Testing,  Materials Science and Strength of Materials, Stuttgart, Germany within the visit and consultation funding  from the POLONEZ program.

20.05.2018 – 28.05.2018: Scientific visit

V.N. Burlayenko had  an eight-day scientific visit within the study visit opportunity in the PLONEZ project at the Department Mechanics and Strength of Materials of “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania.

09.11.2017: POLONEZ 2 Web-site

The POLONEZ 2 project web-site was published on the web server of the Lublin University of Technology.

16.09.2017: Information on web-pages

Information about the project POLONEZ 2 at the Lublin University of Technology  was published on V.N. Burlayenko’s personal web-pages on  ResearchGate  and  National Technical University ‘KhPI’.

01.06.2017: Kickoff meeting

A  kickoff meeting that marks the start of the project POLONEZ 2 at the Department of Solid Mechanics of Lublin University of Technology took place.